Worksite Optimization

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  • Lack of visibility to production, did not know performance until shift complete being too late to react.
  • Efforts to smooth production were ineffective.
  • Crews took 3-4 hours to start producing at the beginning of every shift.
  • Each area no idea what the other area was doing.

Business Need

  • Monitor and Increase operations performance
  • Reduce wastes and improve operations performance
  • Improve production capacity


Kaizen Institute Canada allocated a Senior CI Consultant with strong facilitation skills and experience to deliver on operational objectives for the mine.

Steps :
  • Implemented Visual Management.
  • Created KPI’s.
  • Developed Operational Standard Work.
  • Created standard communication and daily organization process.
  • Implemented abnormality management process, course corrections early in the shift to end on or ahead of production targets.
  • Eliminated periods in shifts with zero production through crew/machine coordination, smoothed production.


  • Exceeded annual Production Nameplate Capacity target by 10% (100% increase from previous nameplate)
  • Completed Canpotex Run ahead of target completion date.