Workflow Bottlenecks

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New Mill, bottlenecks understood after operating for several months. The Customer Operations Team is not able to manage time sensitive critical projects. Operations personnel are focused on Operations. A debottlenecking “wish list” is all that is in place.

Business Need

Professional Project Management needed for a fast track debottlenecking project. Critically required to achieve Mill design nameplate capacity. Must run Mill at Nameplate capacity in order to obtain Potash consortium production allocation benefits.


Sphere placed professional Project Managers and drew on their experience and skills to ensure project Schedule, Scope, Cost, and Quality met the objectives of the customer. The project consisted of seven Work Breakdown Structure elements, all of which required new Design, Procurement, and Construction activity. Installation of new; tanks, conveyers, launders, screens, extensive structural and piping, as well as demolitions and other modifications to the Potash Mill were performed. The project spanned only 3.5 months, included in that 3.5 month time period, was the creation of detailed design drawings. The construction was completed 4 days ahead of a very demanding deadline and was under budget. Leadership and outstanding team talent made the project a success.

There were many skeptics at the beginning of the project, who said the project could not be finished in the time that was allotted.

Benefits, In the words of the Customer:

“Thank you so much for the great work your team did throughout this very fast paced project. Your involvement was very instrumental in keeping the project focused and aligned with the very aggressive time line that I had set for the completion date. We would never have achieved the performance we did without your constant involvement with the operations, engineering, vendor and construction groups.

Your professionalism throughout the project made all the many details look seamless and easy. I very much appreciate your involvement and the great support you gave me every day. Again, many thanks for a job well done !!”