Improve Productivity and Response Times


The mechanics and electricians in the Head Frame areas suffered from low productivity and slow response times to breakdowns due to a lack of organization of tools and parts. A large portion of their time was spent preparing for work versus the execution of the work.

Business Need

Improvements to work execution and response times required the introduction of 5S workplace organization processes to improve the current state and introduce the concepts of daily continuous improvement.


Kaizen Institute Canada allocated a Senior CI Consultant with strong facilitation skills and experience to deliver on 5S objectives for the section. The project charter was formed and approved by stakeholders. All the department employees were trained and CI consultant worked closely with them to identify the initial improvement opportunities and then facilitated the implementation of lean tools. The project was completed in 8 months for both head frames.


Implemented 5S in Tool Room, Shop Area, Hoist Room, Electrical room and shaft areas. Trained 15 client employees on 5S principles. New tool room was formed. All equipment/parts were given a specific location and labeled. A robust sustainability plan was put in place and handed over to the process owners.